You Are

Rapando Jnr

You Are

By Rapando Jnr

Wed 07 Nov, 2018 08:48:59 EAT
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You Are

You are the sweet angel
Whose smiles heals my worries.
Whose touch gives warmth
And your voice echoes
The reverberation of my hastened heart.

You are the little sneak who tests my patience.
Who knows my weakest spots
And scratches them
Just to see a face you call priceless.

You are the pillar of my life.
Whose support and words set me straight.
Whose company births comfort.
Whose tears paint my canvas of a chest with emotion.

You are my sunshine in the morning,
The shine in the cold of dew.
You are my moon in the darkest of nights,
The light in the dotted blanket of black skies.
You are my anchor in storms at sea
And the grip that holds me from any slip.

You are all I ever wanted wrapped in one
And all I want is to be wrapped in your love.

Rapando Jnr
11.05.18 0912

By Rapando Jnr
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  • Habiba
    Lovely lovely!!
    14 wk ago
  • Allan
    14 wk ago
  • Mushie
    14 wk ago
  • Catchykachie
    this is so sweet. I have a feeling I witnessed its writing😊
    14 wk ago
  • Ash
    14 wk ago

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