Yet Another Time


Yet Another Time

By Rapando

Tue 11 Jul, 2017 18:07:18 EAT
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Yet Another Time

Horns have sounded
Dust dances to the tune of happy feet
Ears are eager to listen...

It is just another episode of a series of lies
They have come back
Posed as servants,
Yet they buy us with cheap talk and crispy notes
Then enslave us for half decade terms.
Reaping our sweat to return their investments
As we wallow in betrayal and political heat.

They press forward their ambitions.
Preaching peace in the sun
And hatred in the dark.
They have taken away our thinking
And turned us into hate machines.

They have been schooled in the craft of lies,
Encouraged by our exaggerated expectations,
Now they have turned us their playground.
We are dancing to the tune of their lies
And their pipe leads us to a land of promises
Where they will leave us to watch their glory from afar
As we heal scars of loathe and hate in our hearts.

By Rapando
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  • Habiba
    A awesome read.
    212 wk ago
  • Lyndah
    nice one
    212 wk ago
  • Kelvin
    Nice one bro
    212 wk ago
  • Elena
    212 wk ago
  • Valentine
    wow..let's continue preaching peace. This is so nice sammy
    212 wk ago
  • Gasheri Gichunge
    Awesome read.
    212 wk ago
  • Musa Minati
    An awesome poem and advice too
    211 wk ago

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