When Hope Turns Sour

The Untamed Ink

When Hope Turns Sour

By The Untamed Ink

Tue 22 Aug, 2017 13:21:07 EAT
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When Hope Turns Sour

Once in a lifetime
Or twice under the sun
There's a soul that vows
To push your back past the hills
And to lift you across the extended valleys
To help you reach your destiny
With your eyes glamouring, you believe

Then comes a solid heart
That pulls away the soul
Casts it far beyond the hills
Then you're left wandering in the wild
Languishing in the endless valleys
Too dank for a solitary walk
Clouds of uncertainty buries you

Your sun seems to set at midday
Coating your sight with blackness
Too dark to notice the sprouting stones
Then in every stride you stumble
Toenails dangle when you throw a step
The soul becomes unaware of the plight

A voice tells you to quit and sit
To leave the rest to the world
But within a heart lies the magic spark
That lights the flame of hope
To open eyes and show the way
With the little inspiration you collect yourself
To carry every bit of you across the valleys

On the way you unravel the fact
That hope on another soul is death
Its like anticipating rains in the Kalahari
Where you wait till hope turns sour
Then you accept that your voyage is solely on your back
And put all the trust in yourself

By The Untamed Ink
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