What Is Religion?


What Is Religion?

By Mwandah

Wed 24 Oct, 2018 12:13:30 EAT
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What Is Religion?

Does it bind or separate?
And what is religion?
I grew up with a dainty knowledge
Going to church every end week
Being kind and honest
All my years as a child I was taught
Brought up to know that
Any mistake will lead me to eternal fire
Any law broken will cause my forever suffering
I learnt that there was no understanding
No compromise
Wrong, equals hell
Right equals heaven; eternal jubilation
To me, religion was a prison
My freedom of exploration and adventure contained, shut, zoned out!
I was forced to believe in an unexplainable aspect
I thank the containment
As it helped mould the lady I am today.

When I grew up,
Out of the parental jurisdiction I made a mistake
I loved a man
I gave him my rose
I had done what religion taught me not to
It was sweet
I tasted liquor
The feeling...wow
Besides, Jesus changed water into wine right?
I knew religion shunned the practice
But... Sin was sweeter than the confinement
What is religion?
Is it a prison or a way to freedom??
Now that am tainted by the world, do I still stand a chance of deliverance?
Or should I simply live life and love it
Because my way to hell has been paved??

Religion is a way of life
The belief of things not seen
I however choose to direct my belief towards a man
A man who gave his life for me
A man who shows me mercy and grace each day
I choose to believe that my sins can be forgiven
My faults are not a burden
He loves me unconditionally
I do not have to conform to the holier than thou norms
He loves me as I am.
Religion is a way of life
I choose the way of light.

By Mwandah
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  • Professor Phil
    This poem is meticulous and entertaining. Nice one Mwandah!!
    16 wk ago
  • Wanjala
    I second you on the sentiments concerning choosing the way of light rather than way of life. But all in all, thumps up Mwanda
    16 wk ago
  • Tchelussi
    Awesome piece Mwandah. Seems a little emotional to me.
    16 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    Well i agree with you that our Faith in Jesus Christ is our gateaway ticket as Christians,when he died he actually said,'it is finished'. He took them all. So we are free from sin if we believe that. How we live is as directed by the Bible
    16 wk ago
  • Ferdy
    Eye opener
    16 wk ago
  • Daniko
    Awesome poetry; educative and inspiring.. Thumbs up
    16 wk ago
  • Shee
    Always mind blowing *Religion is a way of life I choose the way of light
    16 wk ago

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