What Happens?

Creative Hadassah

What Happens?

By Creative Hadassah

Tue 21 Feb, 2017 18:04:52 EAT
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#lust vs love  #abomination  #moral decadence.  

What Happens?

What happens when,
You walk home one evening,
Deadbeat but happy,
Kiss your Mama on the forehead,
Whisper a 'good evening',
And drop your weight on a sofa.

Eyes shut,
You heave a weary sigh,
Spread your arms like a butterfly,
Suddenly,slowly,you smell something familiar,
An old unmistakable 007 James Bond cologne.

With a racing heart,
And a wide grin,
You throw your eyes open,
To see an ally long gone,
You fly across
And engulf him in an embrace.

You laugh,you weep,you look at him,
Throw your arms around him,
He smiles and pats your back.
You say 'Thank you old dog for coming'.
You both laugh.

Your Mama clears her throat,
You beam at her,
Your best friend is here,
Your Mama nods,then,
She says "Son,your best friend and I are getting married".
What happens?

By Creative Hadassah
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  • Nicky
    I don't know what will happen for sure!!!
    225 wk ago
  • Kechi
    i cant figure out that my dad and my best friend getting married...great piece
    225 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    Your mom@Nkechi
    225 wk ago
  • Whitney
    Great peace, Can't figure out what can happen!!
    225 wk ago
  • Moses Lukhale
    What a poem...Hadassah
    209 wk ago

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