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By Rapando Jnr

Wed 16 May, 2018 08:03:55 EAT
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With confidence in her eye she holds my hand
As she whispers to me, like the breeze of eve.
Together we let go of worries and sail into waves yonder,
Waves dark and raging like unforgiving gates of Hades
Her breathes - the definition of uniformity - fuel our cruise
As sunsets draw closer and bolder.

Her skin so smooth, it smoothens my worries
Into a tender pulp, even tender than her touch.
Her vow of love gives me purpose to stash fear onto pile that overflows.
She gives me reason to look forward to her hugs:
Hugs that envelop me in a safety box whose warmth reminds me of passion.

Still, into the horizon we sail
Braving heaves and tosses of waves foreign
Till we drop anchor on lands unmapped
Where memories of home rekindle a warmth
Under the blanket of the familiar night sky.

Under the eye of the moon I hold her close
And we get lost in the twinkle of her starry eyes.
Still, we find our way on the bridge
That our lips forge from a kiss of love and lust.

Her soft mumble goes unheard but her lust pulls me even closer.
Heating my blood and racing my heart in circles drawn by her embrace.
Mixed emotions and choreographed touches
Stir up a mixture of purpose and interest into a cycle that knows no end.

Even in blinded moments of passionate bliss,
Our eyes remain open to new horizons
Where old vows find new meaning in our old hearts and birth new smiles.
Together, we will find new reasons to love and abide to our vow.

By Rapando Jnr
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  • Fred Mushila
    39 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    How you manage to keep the fire ablaze I dunno but sincerely admire.#Vows is a soft drip that unforgivingly leaves a mark.
    39 wk ago
  • Ruth
    This is so sensual. Kudos
    38 wk ago

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