Voice Of The Dead


Voice Of The Dead

By Eunny

Mon 10 Jul, 2017 15:39:03 EAT
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Voice Of The Dead

Tribute to the late Joseph Nkaissery...

It has been two days since i took a rest,
Two days since the dark cloud descended,
Amidst all the frenzy and speculation,
My heart stopped beating,
My breathe left me,
My body turned pale,
I lost life.

Its a mixed emotion that I'm on everyone's lips now,
Timelines filled with all sorts of words,
Music to the dead ears,
Like the noon time whispers of tenderness,
Like the caressing winds of the harmattan,
Words that sooth the soul.

I hear some of you cheering at the news of my demise,
Saying that I didn't deserve such a smooth death,
That I deserved sticks and stones,
War and blood spill,
I deserved tearing and mincing of flesh,
I deserved jail and rottenness.

No one cares to remember the good deeds,
At least the ones who do are afraid to do so,
That maybe they may follow me here,
Through mysterious ways maybe,
So they've chosen to remain silent,
To direct their tears to their stomachs,
To hide their sorrow behind closed doors,
To weep when no one looks,
They have chosen safety.

I hear there are those who say I wasn't supposed to die,
Does death choose anyway?
Those that say I wasn't allowed to die,
Who says who to die?
Those that already judged my replacement,
Giving all kinds of reasons,
Is it right? Is it wrong?

And most of it all,
I cry for a country that I have left behind,
One that I grew to love like a mother does to her kids,
One that stood strong in the midst of the war,
One that got back to her feet even after it stumbled and fell.
I cry for Kenya.

I cry for the people of my beloved country,
That you may find strength in filling the gap,
That you will find a person that will overcome my flaws,
That will place your people before anything else.
I pray that they will know what to say and what not to say,
That they will resist bias.

And to my family that is still in shock,
I see your tears and pain every moment,
I see the dimness in your eyes when you read all the shade being thown at me,
I see you wishing no controvesy surrounded my death,
I feel you begging for peace.
Till we meet on this second world,
I love you.

By Eunny
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  • Bilal
    You got a talent!" amazing
    212 wk ago
  • Irene
    Epic princess, the sombre mood turns into a peaceful one.I Celebrate Him.
    212 wk ago
  • Kosgey
    Wow! Rest in Peace General Nkaiserry. To you mum, you keep me marvelling at every piece done by you...
    212 wk ago
  • Osman
    Kazi mzuri kumkumbuka mzee
    212 wk ago
  • Zola
    Pure talent
    212 wk ago
  • Texas
    Great ma'am
    212 wk ago
  • Juliet
    R.I.P Nkaisseri. We celebrate you.
    212 wk ago
  • Rita
    This is perfect.
    212 wk ago

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