Valentines Tale


Valentines Tale

By Stumah

Tue 13 Feb, 2018 23:30:19 EAT
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Valentines Tale

Valentines Tale

The roses came
A gift box too
The mood was set
Love was felt
The day had come.

They fought together
And dined as one
A flame lit between them
Souls melted for each other
Their love was evident

Tales and sails
They sailed and told
Storeys of stories
The scar became a star
Pains bore gains

Smiles on faces
Laughter in phases
Goodness in air,
Love found an heir.
Valentines is here.


By Stumah
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  • Kaima
    Iko sawa hii nimeiba
    105 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    hahaha, pia mimi
    105 wk ago
  • Jane
    Thumbs up Nice piece
    105 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    Rapando hahaha kali
    105 wk ago
  • Wangi
    105 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    Moving piece...keep up
    105 wk ago
  • Wayne
    #Storeys of stories# Very creative.. Big up bro
    105 wk ago
  • Elijah
    Kali bro
    105 wk ago
  • Sylvester
    Keep it up bro
    104 wk ago
  • Tanaban
    Great piece 🙌
    103 wk ago

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