This Poetic Virus.

Creative Hadassah

This Poetic Virus.

By Creative Hadassah

Thu 30 Mar, 2017 22:12:57 EAT
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This Poetic Virus.

In the cruel shadow of an ink spitting sword,
A present absence is revealed in a word,
I have generously burdened my lifetime with stationery,writing,,
Damnation is my prison to be,
Condemnation beckons and dares to be a companion along the way,
My goodness,
Insanity has never seemed so real,too real,
To say I'm loosing it,
Is a pure understatement.

If you are gently going through my heart,
And honestly listening to this endless,undying agony,
I need you to understand that I'm infected,
A vicious virus skates my whole being,
It has taken refuge in this home of a body,
A rolling stone I have become,
I clutch at a straw,any straw,
This poetic virus is my end to be.

The way it gnaws my conscience,
Leaves a tickling shudder when it creeps my skin,
Every fibre is left taut,hurts,
I want to gouge out my eyes,
And rendered be a child of darkness,
I want to pluck out this kinky outgrowth on my head,
And scratch this black skin white,
I'm a victim of a brutal sadistic virus,
The poetic virus.

I can no longer tell,
If my allies are laughing with me,
Or laughing at me.
We spent time together,sometimes,
I think we're doing fine,
Their absent presence is way better,
Than no presence at all.
May be poetry is a good virus after all,
For it licks where it bites.

By Creative Hadassah
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  • Ulumah
    the absent presence is way better..damn...nice piece
    220 wk ago
  • Oscar
    Nice piece
    220 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    @Oscar,@Ulumah...thank u
    220 wk ago
  • Party
    you are doing greatest, keep it up girl
    220 wk ago
  • Judy
    Wonderful, keep it up, soon doing the translation to kiswahili
    220 wk ago
  • Elvis
    Congrats.. I really like it..keep it up
    220 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    @Party,Elvis..thanks.. Judy,anza na hii
    220 wk ago
  • Great
    220 wk ago
  • Great
    220 wk ago
  • Nicky
    Nice one
    219 wk ago
  • Calvins
    I can no longer tell if my allies are laughing with me or at me....I love it...keep up gal
    219 wk ago
  • Charity Nancy
    I really like it
    219 wk ago
  • Kelvin
    Awesome piece..i guess the virus has gotten the better part of you.
    219 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    @Kelvin..the virus is driving me nuts
    219 wk ago
  • Damaris Tsisika
    This piece is are really growing swee...
    219 wk ago
  • Frank Tall B
    Nice... Quite a matter piece...
    219 wk ago
  • Lc
    Nice really loving this, keep up.
    219 wk ago

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