This Is For Boy Child

Holy Boy Ritchie

This Is For Boy Child

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Sat 27 Oct, 2018 16:49:15 EAT
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This Is For Boy Child

This is for the village boy child,
The one who the society has completely forgotten and embraced the opposite,
The child who no longer matters in the society,
Because what he does, his opposite can do better.
But he still finds a reason to live in that society,
Keep holding on son.

This is for the determined boy child,
The one whose victory is normal despite struggles and sufferings,
But if his opposite wins, the whole world must know.
But he still finds a reason to work hard,
Keep holding on son.

This is for the boy child taken for granted,
Whose messages are given blue ticks but never gives up sending more,
And sometimes ticks change from blue to grey,
Then a display picture vanishes.
But still finds a reason to keep her contact,
Keep holding on son.

This is for the desperate boy child,
The one expected to be a provider in a relationship,
Yet his pocket is a great enemy of cash.
The one who hustles from his parents to sustain a relationship which its future he knows not,
But still finds a reason to be in that affair,
Keep holding on son.

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Juliasarkadi Poet
    Good one bro Ritchie...a poet with a message
    16 wk ago
  • Kerubo
    16 wk ago
  • Nite
    I give it a thumb
    16 wk ago
  • Ombati Kevin
    Nice one bro
    16 wk ago
  • Isaac
    True Broh keep on "ipowering" boy child
    16 wk ago
  • Cardiac Poet
    Big up broet
    16 wk ago
  • Dutch
    Chonjo bro keep the sprit on course
    16 wk ago
  • Annie
    Nice poem...keep going there is much more in you
    16 wk ago
  • Agosto
    a great illustration of the boychild struggles
    16 wk ago
  • Mannerism
    Really wonderful
    16 wk ago
  • Vaileti
    Keep up the spirit.Nice one indeed,,credit earned.
    16 wk ago
  • Maseah
    Kudos Holy Boy... Your pieces are always nice.
    15 wk ago
  • Perpetual
    Nice one Richy..
    15 wk ago

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