The Unshed Tears


The Unshed Tears

By Nyque

Fri 13 Jan, 2017 08:37:46 EAT
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The Unshed Tears

On my cold bed here I lie
So much buried in deep silence that unearths the bitter memories in me
A ricochet of a series of life events robbing me the sweetness that come along with solitude
That makes me walk in venomous thorns each time I dare a step or two

I loved how busy he looked that gave him the father figure
Responsibilities in full control that he'd miss meals coz of missing out a figure
Spectacles halfway on, he would come to my room in need of 'young eyes'
With a pen and paper and I'd copy for him all the digits and put dots in all i's

This day he came tucked in silence that we missed his daily complaints
Dashed in his room not even to taste what the supper soup contained
The sky no longer gay, he'd inflicted in us a mood so tense
That each gulp tasted bitter, our hearts damned condensed

There the usual knock on my door I heard
He came in, this time with no pen and paper but eyes as red as ripe pauper
His breathe of wine I could feel as he grabbed me with my only piece of cloth
Thanks to my adrenaline I struggled him out, but remained tick clinged on my thong

In guilt i was lost, closing the door so tight not to see his nudity
Coz he is my dad and a glance would render me an outcast
His hand squeezed and bleeding as i stare at the blood
A blood that flows in me too, my own blood
I was breaking his hand, a hand that was in hand in every downfall
A hand that once held me so tight in his chest when I cried
There he lies, profusely sweating the way he did at the maternity door waiting for my birth
He now wants to drink his own blood and it pains me

By Nyque
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  • Eunny
    Great emotion. Almost shed a tear.
    109 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    105 wk ago

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