The Slay Queen Virus


The Slay Queen Virus

By Nyque

Sun 13 Aug, 2017 23:22:43 EAT
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The Slay Queen Virus

Mothers and daughters
The fathers and the sons
that live up to the morals with the setting sun
Vaccinate Oh!
Our daughters
From this virulent virus
that crops tops to bras
and eats up the long dresses
to minis* in the outskirts
Like a caustic acid
It seeps through the pores,
the freckles on the skin burning akin to plastic surgery
A virus that slays down the once queens
To six feet bases of anthills
Drools kings in their solemn palaces now allover on clean heels
Breaking marriages and relationships that stood high on hills
And with a tik! tak! steps of the gold plated stilettos and high heels
seamlessly seeks solace on an aced soul
Beau beware
That it chooses not a niche to perch
Leaving strips and streaks with time a proliferating patch
It attacks feminists of the century
Hacking the girl codes to a pseudo-independent woman
Feasts on the blossoming adolescent girls
those that praise and embrace the science behind the booty galore
Gnawing off their meninges to bones of beauty without brains
It darkens the glow of love turning it's lit elite paths murky by corroding off the rings therein

Come here
The latter with the ravages so severe
with a face of a festering wound dripping off pus
How do I cut out a wife material on my white linen
when you've made patches and scratches to the hem
How do I breath
When you've sprayed a conc Cologne of filth
Bursting open my ribs my heart naked to the fangs
Spare me,
I just run out of pain


By Nyque
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