The Separate Bond


The Separate Bond

By KodawaKingi

Wed 02 May, 2018 14:28:54 EAT
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The Separate Bond

She knew him
As long as she could remember
Maybe so many years
She knew his past, he knew hers
They went for dinner before lunch
They dug their destiny
She dreads that word
They had a bond
He liked her, she liked him
No kids, no certificate, no ceremony, no nothing
But they did it, several times
She left everyone, she focused on him
She ignored her friends, even family
Only he was meant for her,
She thought.
She knew

She got so deeper
Unbreakable, unshakable, unretreatable
Was this love?
She was webbed,
Above all, physically
She gave him herself, her virgin land
It was a sweet pain
He was skillful, so skillful
she had won a jackpot
Life was making sense

She knew not that she knew not
He said nothing serious
He was just not interested
No offence, not anymore!
He was just getting busy
And catching up with life
There was someone else
Someone he hardly knew
A broken bond

A calm violence ripped her soul
Her heart broken
Her future snapped
Her dream shattered
She bled, still bleeding
Gushing out like a jetting sprinkler
That wound will never heal
That overflow will never stop
It’s traumatizing, bewildering
She will live with it
She has to wait patiently
Till she pass' out
From the bleeding he caused
The bleeding that caused her her pride
Divorce, heartbreak, breakup
Whatever you call yourself
You got her separated
From the love of her youth

By KodawaKingi
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    Wonderful, congrats
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    Wow.. Excellent piece.
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