The Rainbows Will Courtesy


The Rainbows Will Courtesy

By ×סv

Mon 24 Dec, 2018 10:44:33 EAT
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The Rainbows Will Courtesy

My eyes
Have seen the desert
That exists
Without our love
To water the vegetation that covers the soil,

The dry winds that carry the dust for miles
On end
Eroding the fabric of our being
Eats us up inside
With bottled up feelings.

I will whisper gently to the easterlies,
The chirping Robin shall accompany my words

Woven in a quilt with all the love I have.
Like Joseph's coat of many colors
I will cover you in my love
& the rainbow will courtesy.


By ×סv
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  • Anonymus
    Nice 💯 👏 👏
    8 wk ago
  • Benie
    Nicely penned 🔥💯
    8 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    7 wk ago

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