The Other Night Why


The Other Night Why

By Cynthy

Mon 19 Nov, 2018 15:39:54 EAT
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The Other Night Why

Hold me close to you,
Pin me to the wall and kiss me,
soflty caress every part of me,
Make me forget every foul thing about me,
Touch my soul with your soothing words,
Explore every inch of me,
Let me fill your desire and passion,
Let me hear you whisper my name,
Say it over and over,
Let me bask in your love,
Let me bathe in your satisfaction,
Let's lay in bed and talk and make out a little.

As you lay in my arms,
Suddenly I don't feel lonely anymore,
But looking closely,
I feel myself drowning in you,
Maybe it's my fault,
I keep letting you in,
But with the marijuana between my lips,
And the alcohol flowing in me,
You are all I can think about.

His lips,Oh!
Effortlessly enchanting,
Rivetingly memorable,
He is Paris at midnight,
Holding hands as we walk down the streets,
Dancing to the rhythm of our heartbeats,
Swaying smoothly,
Utterly enraptured by his irresistible charm,
Kissing me slowly, deep heartedly,
Unaware of how he steals my heart everytime
he smiles at me,
Everytime he looks at me like it's only me and him

He is the cocktail I want to avoid,
Yet at the same time I crave for,
He is what will destroy me,
But like fireflies in the dark summer night,
He lights up my desolate world,
But How will I tell him that everytime he leaves,
My soul aches for him,
Even when we talk I still miss him.

When we meet again,
I hope he remembers my favourite song,
I hope he hugs me tight when I feel cold,
I hope he holds my hand when I'm sad,
I hope he kisses me exactly how I like it,
I hope he let's me stroke his hair
as he falls asleep on my arms.

By Cynthy
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  • Miniera
    Incredible,beautiful, lovely piece....really felt the bits ,pieces and slices of .........
    13 wk ago
  • Hillary
    Wonderful poem yet again! Ooze of perfection...
    13 wk ago
  • Ian
    12 wk ago
  • Mutugi Brayo
    Awesome...awesome.. Just wishing,...😜
    11 wk ago
  • Dominic Khalif
    Erotic Af
    11 wk ago
  • Moses Kigen
    What a piece! This is just amazing. Keep going Cyn
    11 wk ago
  • Allan
    Wow, I am in awe of this piece.
    2 wk ago

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