The Hamlet

The Untamed Ink

The Hamlet

By The Untamed Ink

Tue 27 Jun, 2017 22:59:55 EAT
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The Hamlet


Once, the hamlet was in harmony
And the atmosphere was unruffled
Trees stood straight,
Nodding their leaves untangled
They knew not of the storm
For it was a fairytale to the hamlet
Down the surface, slept the dust unperturbed
As the villagers' feet walked with compassion
Not able to arouse their conscience
The rivers ran with no haste,
They knew not of the indunation

Brother and sister were the names
That called from the mouths of the people
Regardless of their colour, height or religion
The ground was filled by all,
Set to face the mutual foe, the meal
Both would sit and gaze at every eye, inducing smiles
Happiness grazed in the air
The clock was ticking to the right

One sunlight,
The clock paused, then ticked left
It dawned on the unraffled atmosphere
That was filled with storm and whirlwind
Trees bent to let the currents pass
Dropping their leaves and breaking their branches compulsatively
All the dust awoke, danced ragefully in the air
The hastless rivers hurried forward, heading nowhere
The peace they recognized had died, they had become indurate

'Brother' and 'sister' became anonymous
Instead the names came out in the shouts,
'Men from the mountain' and 'men from the lake'
Amidst the agonizing cries pervaded the hot air
Blood sprinkled like rain water all over
The hamlet had turned to a war zone uninhabitable by life
The villagers had planted the ungerminating seed
That had ran their stomachs hot like pepper and their hearts blind and callous

By The Untamed Ink
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