The Credulous End


The Credulous End

By KodawaKingi

Thu 09 Aug, 2018 13:53:44 EAT
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The Credulous End

The home of a Queen, Housing the King of a monster
With a credible figure, No one can oversight
Beautiful stairs outstretched, To the home of a bee
Just above it, Beneath the Brazilian grass
Is a killing countenance, Punctuated with an array of splendor
Tribute to the makeup era, Housing the sleeping giant

The thirsty gallops, Twisting their elevation
Confirming the provocative sways, Beckoning for accompaniment
With a shouting royal linen, Covering just enough to be desired
Thanks to that oily meaty behind, Slaving to a tinge of twist
No one stops imagining, No one stops fantasizing
To an electrified eight anatomy, Heaving beneath a packed calories

A song is recorded to the lips, Always careful to go raw fresh
But for your sake, Zero risk is fathomable
With formidable tools at bay, The journey to yonder begins
The masquerade unwraps, Unleashing the brooding venom
Catapulted to a snapping threshold, The mission is accomplished
Signing up for a death sentence, Adding up to a subscribers list

To the winking eyes
To the gullible minds
To the hole drillers
And the drilled holes
Take full control
Be on top of the game
The monster is in there
Sadly packaged in untrue identity
From a victim's chair
To a sequacious end.

By KodawaKingi
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  • Victor Otoya
    Good creativity though hard to understand
    27 wk ago

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