The Best Mistake


The Best Mistake

By KodawaKingi

Sun 20 May, 2018 00:11:55 EAT
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#love at first sight  

The Best Mistake

That night.
That long awaited night,
The only first night
The bird was taking him
To cross the oceans
And the deserts
And the mountains
And the cities
And the things,
He was late
Too late you know
Too late to go.
He was dejected
So darkened
So diffused,
And veiled
In a conundrum,
He wondered.
What was this?
A big mistake!

Like a shooting star
His heart scapered
His eyes ellumined
His mouth agaped
His knees wobbled,
His hands abnegated
The suitcase.

She picked it up!

Good heavens!
The dream was alive!
He knew one thing,
And one thing for sure,
He who finds a wife
Finds a good thing.
And he knew,
Without a doubt,
He had made,
The best mistake!

By KodawaKingi
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  • Vellah
    This is beautiful You must be a happy man ☺
    39 wk ago
  • De Vie
    Good job
    39 wk ago
    You nailed at the right time. (Royal wedding period)
    39 wk ago
  • Darius
    39 wk ago
  • Dancehall Engineer
    woow, engineer. prince harry, poem noma
    39 wk ago
  • Laura
    I love this!
    39 wk ago
  • Verah
    39 wk ago
  • Meghan Good
    Great mind at work deep
    39 wk ago
  • David
    what a poem! i like this. bravo!!
    39 wk ago
  • Kuria
    Good work Odawa.
    39 wk ago
  • Richard Kariuki
    so sweet
    39 wk ago
  • Joyce
    This is awesome
    39 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    This is beautiful, I love it
    38 wk ago
  • Nyamo
    36 wk ago
  • Hadan
    This is awesome. nice work man
    36 wk ago
  • Hadan
    This is awesome. nice work man
    36 wk ago
  • Andrew
    Nice Art
    36 wk ago
  • Manu
    35 wk ago

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