The Beauty Of Life


The Beauty Of Life

By Nyque

Mon 09 Jan, 2017 08:11:40 EAT
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The Beauty Of Life

From a distance I could see her Fingers crossed
Eyes closed
Her posture depicting dejection, or maybe rejection
Perhaps she was sleeping, rather nursing her pent-up frustrations
But I could see her chin trembling
Tears flowing, her poise drowning
She was thinking, deeply engrossed in endless thoughts

Wished I could say a word her soul to heal
Utter that which tastes of butter her tears to wipe
Gather what what it takes her memories in me to erase
But in awe I'll stand and stare, moving closer not to dare

I left her for she had found the man in her dreams
Told her retinue of friends and acquaintances that all I did was ditch her
and the ditch where she lies she found light
So bright that she had a gold for a jewel

Maybe she thought I'd be jealous of her life in the ditch
Not me coz I already chased the shadows of her statue
Burnt to ashes her pictures in the frames and clothes in the closets
Coz all she did was nothing Porsche but put me to shame

She smiled her last tooth maybe because it was summer
We are now in winters and water mercilessly flowing in her ditch
trying to get its level and maybe breaking its banks
She's drowning and all I can see is her golds floating
A gold sinks, her's was a mere shiny plastic

Before I pen off, rather save you from the ditches that you'll forever stay
Float you from the deep dirty waters before you decay
I shed bitter tears that you didn't deserve
Gave you my heart of which you couldn't preserve
I apologized for your mistakes and indeed its you I served
Now its your turn, tables unexpectedly turned
Swallow your pride and say your last word of apology
Make a ladder perhaps to save yourself out
Coz I have your manual
So dusty in my abandoned shelves in the dilapidated store
No one will ever understand you more than I do despite how under her stand is
Coz you'll forever be ditched

By Nyque
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  • Nkoy
    Nice piece... Serious punchlines right there... Seems real... This one is worth relating with
    110 wk ago

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