Stolen Freedom


Stolen Freedom

By Eunny

Mon 02 Jul, 2018 08:51:32 EAT
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Stolen Freedom

The aroma was sweet and catchy.
Of fresh blood and drained sweat,
Of broken steel and edged cutlery.
There was rejuvenation in the tense mood,
A sparkle of hope,
Light in darkness.

The weapon in hand was still fresh with blood,
The stained sheets an evidence of the struggle,
Ripped jeans,
Shredded buttons,
Curled toes,
Cold floors,
Head bumps.

She told the court she was insane,
She said he was a mole,
Treated her like a shoe sole,
Drained her marriage in a hole.
She pointed an accusing finger at him,
Labelled him a pimp hidden in a church collar.

They chose to listen to her,
To the silent triumphs in her head.
They overlooked the guilt in her eyes,
The fear in her trembling voice,
Claimed as a product of trauma.
They forgot the blood of the slain human,
They forgot the huge crime of murder against her,
And shifted the blame to his dead soul.

She walked,
Walked to freedom,
Stolen freedom.

By Eunny
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  • Kiptoo
    Couple of thoughts, first, I love the currency in this piece - present world problems, second, applause to the use of the words stolen freedom for the tittle, had the events unfolded as I think they would have she'd had her freedom stolen..
    33 wk ago
  • Steve Ndege
    they overlooked the guilty of her eyes... Great choice of words. Thumbs up
    33 wk ago

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