The Untamed Ink


By The Untamed Ink

Sun 24 Dec, 2017 08:36:35 EAT
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There's no satisfaction in the world,
When I say this no one buys a word,
Instead they grow into antagonists,
So take your eyes and give then a task,
Because I know you will not listen to me either,
But you will believe the voice of your eyes

There are those that wander around the wilderness their entire lives,
Those who are forever homeless and hopeless,
Life has never shown them a star to stare and smile at,
Perhaps only the sunrise for light and warmth
Life has never given then any dream to run after,
All they have ever known is a life so pale and cold

There you are, cast those eyes on yourself,
So cosy and in exuberance you have ever lived,
Life has awarded you a home and a family,
Life has awarded you happiness,
The dreams that give you a million reasons to live,
Life has paved a smooth path for your voyage

But what do you do?
You invest all the energy in running races,
Running around the globe trying to chase what you cannot tell,
Then on the way you stumble across the triggers of tears,
And the intense pain that shatters you asunder,
You can't live with that

You begin to curse the innocent world,
To accuse life's nature of undying unfairness,
I just ponder how after all,
Because life gave you all that you needed,
But you yearned for all that you wanted,
The Satisfaction, it's a bad dream, a nightmare

By The Untamed Ink
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