Personal Heaven


Personal Heaven

By Cynthy

Sat 08 Jul, 2017 21:08:08 EAT
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Personal Heaven

I'm drawn to you,
Just like the sailor is drawn to the sea,
I'm drawn to you,
With all your flaws and imperfections,
I'm drawn to you,
I just can't help it.

All I want is to be nestled in your arms,
Holding me down,
All I want is you to be part of my tranquility,
All through the storms in my life,
All I want is for you to shelter me from the cruel world
All I want is to taste those sinful lips again,
All I want is you.

Your calloused hands holds me tight,
I never want to let go,
You keep my demons at bay,
You are my safe haven,
My personal heaven,
You are pure ecstasy yet so passionate,
You are the setting sun and the rising moon,
And I want you all to myself.

You are my stolen sunshine,
Stolen kisses and the sea's breeze,
Your stormy grey eyes,
The one's I always get lost in,
You reside in my heart.
You are my array of colour.

But why are you so cold?
Why do your eyes hold so much darkness?
Why can't you just give me your all?
Like I've given you my all,
Why do you complicate everything?
We would then write our own love story,
Only in writing do we have our happily ever after

You made me safe in your ephemeral love,
Skimming around in search of panacea,
I wish I could display the images in my mind,
On a blank canvas to express every hurt, betrayal and fantasies.
With a whisk of a pencil,
Then maybe you'd understand me.

By Cynthy
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  • Hillary
    Amazing work Cynthy
    219 wk ago
  • Kemeu
    219 wk ago
  • Allan Kiptoo
    I love this so much. The emotion lift the poem out of the paper to give the reader a lively experience
    219 wk ago
  • Rita
    I can relate to's a great piece.
    219 wk ago

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