Only Hope

The Untamed Ink

Only Hope

By The Untamed Ink

Fri 03 Mar, 2017 18:43:50 EAT
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Only Hope

My candle was dying away,
I could see the infinite darkness loom.
I stood there blankly,
Staring at the pale blue sky,
I felt blue,
As a chill invaded my soul.

I picked to take a walk,
In the forest where my consolation lived,
And my company slept.
With my head full of emptiness,
And my eyes clouded,
I followed the lode.

I dropped my eyes,
Down to the parched and cracked rock,
Where no life would stay.
I saw a seedling lifting up its head,
Rising defiantly in the crack,
And fervently smiling to the sun.

I felt pity for the plant,
But admired the persistence it had.
Deep inside the scorching rock,
No sunshine,
Dank free,
And despotic warmth,
But still there it grew.

I saw inspiration come,
It tardily rekindled my candle.
As the pale blue sky blanched,
My heart blossomed,
Planting a smile in my weary face.
I saw it fly from the plant and perch on me,


By The Untamed Ink
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  • Eunny
    I know the pain of thriving in a cracked rock. Thumbs up Chris
    154 wk ago
  • Chris
    Yea Eunny, its as painful as walking in the glowing metal bare footed, But still its the hope that keeps us moving
    154 wk ago

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