One Day

Holy Boy Ritchie

One Day

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Thu 05 Apr, 2018 18:52:20 EAT
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One Day

One day everything shall change,
The sun shall rise from the west and set to the East,
The moon shall come out at daytime while the sun shines at night,
The clock ticking backwards,
The birds singing sweet songs of praise,
The gates of Heaven shall open and our prayers answered,
Just one day.

One day our long flown tears shall dry up,
Our forgotten cries heard throughout the mountains,
We shall be free from daily injustices.
The rich shall come begging from the poor,
The poor shall sit together happily enjoying the fruits of their sweat,
There will be no more tears,
Each day will be a blessing from the Almighty,
Just one day.

One day the beast of corruption shall pass away,
Buried in the sea and its grave cemented.
There shall be no more entering through backdoors,
There shall be no more bribes to gain favour,
Every citizen shall enjoy the fruits of their labour,
Just one day.

One day our people shall live in peace,
Ethnicity shall be a foreign term and tribalism an unknown word,
Everywhere will be brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers,
One day a rule of the people by the people and for the people shall find its way,
One day Africa shall gain her freedom again,
And together we shall stand in unity.
Just one day.

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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