Not But


Not But

By KodawaKingi

Sat 09 Jun, 2018 12:26:46 EAT
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Not But

She Heard
She Read
She Probed
She Tested
She Derived
She Analyzed
She Concluded
She Believes

Not love but respect
Not money but understanding
Not opinion but communication
Not anger but sobriety
Not assumption but facts
Not dismissal but tolerance
Not figure but commitment
Not physique but knowledge
Not beauty but maturity
Not voice but tone
Not eloquence but wisdom
Not circumstance but mood
Not law but grace
Not less but more

These define a working marriage
These define a mutual relationship
These define a reality fellowship
These define a relevant living
These define achievable success
These define a desirable dignity
These define a happy ending
These define a fine government

A government of unlike charges
A government of purpose driven
A government of sweet pain
A government of receipt hole
A government of plain bump
A government of giving force
A government of short gun
A government of lasting model
A honeymooned government
A government to behold!
Not a thought but is!

By KodawaKingi
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  • Manu
    35 wk ago
  • Hadan
    really great, every girls'advice
    35 wk ago
  • Kaizen Alvin
    Engineer this is an awesome piece, LOVED IT, can't wait for more writings
    35 wk ago

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