My One

Rapando Jnr

My One

By Rapando Jnr

Wed 31 Jan, 2018 10:21:13 EAT
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My One

I fell in love with her smile,
That infectious smile,
Yes, the one she wore like it made her
And boy! It did.

I asked her to fall in love with me
But she told me to wait,
That she only would
Every time I made her laugh.

I took a liking to her liking
And like a spider
Made a web in her brain
Just so I would trap what made her laugh.

I spun and spun,
Made puns that tickled her
And now she laughs,
But with each laugh
I fall in love more.

Her smile reminds me of joy,
Her satisfaction teaches me the meaning of life,
Her chuckles are songs for me
Sung in voices only nature can forge
Out of the purest of pure.
Her touch heals my worries
And hands me comfort.

I get lost in her stare
But her eyes take me home,
A place where I find warmth,
A place where I find solace,
Her heart.

She is mine I can't deny.
Our kisses speak volumes
Of embers that burn inside.
Our silent stares tell of freedom.
Held in capture: our love.
Sometimes our mumbles elevate into thrilled shouts,
But on common grounds we always stand,
Where our vows thrive.

She is mine,
My one.

By Rapando Jnr
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  • Walter Orando
    3 wk ago
  • Leah
    So sweet:)
    3 wk ago
  • Faith
    Felt cultivated during the whole reading. Sure it's a good one. I love it. Congrats bro. Nice piece
    3 wk ago
  • Lwal
    Nice piece bro.
    3 wk ago
  • Sumee
    that's sweet
    3 wk ago
  • Joyce
    great piece bro
    3 wk ago
  • Joyce
    3 wk ago
  • MiKaKi
    That's an awesome piece... Waezakariria samantha alale...
    3 wk ago
  • Ash
    Gold star!so impressing.
    3 wk ago
  • Isaiah Manyala
    I like it!
    3 wk ago
  • Millen
    3 wk ago
  • Isabella Nkirote
    For sure its Valentine's month. Beautiful piece Raps😍
    3 wk ago
  • Celeste
    Lovely piece,very nice
    3 wk ago
  • Habiba
    love is in the air and we here to soak it in. I love this piece
    3 wk ago
  • Sandra Boggie
    Beautiful poem. Your choice of words is wonderful, and you use them to capture moments in the poem in a fresh way, a way that makes me exclaim with delight, “Yes, that's it!" I love all your poems.
    3 wk ago
  • Steve
    Great works Rapz. A deep expression of love
    3 wk ago
  • Mariana
    Such a great piece
    2 wk ago

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