My Honey Jar


My Honey Jar

By Mwandah

Thu 14 Dec, 2017 01:41:22 EAT
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My Honey Jar

It all started slowly
His eyes hungrily staring
Like a lion ready to pounce
He rubbed his hands through my hair
Felt a shiver at the tip of my toe
I wasn't ready
But how can I say no
We were there already.

He said it would be fine
Just the tip and out
It wouldn't hurt
No one would know
I believed him
Or did I?
It all happened so fast
He took out the trust
Tore up the crust
Onto the ready steady man he dressed...
I want you he said.

In my mind
Questions gushing and rushing
What was this?
No... I couldn't do this
He was neither my man nor my hun
Stop! I said
You will not dip your finger in my honey jar
I've worked too long to keep it sealed!
With that, I held my jar tight,
Sealed it tighter than with glue.

He looked dissapointed
Hugged me as tears dripped down my visage
It's OK darling he said
A sigh of relief, I heaved
He took my face into his rough hands
Spoke into my ears and said,
Baby, I wanted just the tip
I've come this far,
It's OK if you won't let me
So now, I will take it
I will dip the whole hand
Not just the tip of my finger!

A slap across my face
He tried snatching my jar
Strong, built, heavy
Too much for a weakling like me
Screams! Shouting!
He covered my mouth
His heavy body threatening to squeeze the life out of me
He broke my honey jar
I couldn't win the war!

By Mwandah
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  • Cynthy
    I love this...I love how the image is perfectly painted with your words..thumbs up girl
    113 wk ago
  • Brian
    Absolutely marvelous piece... great
    113 wk ago
  • Lumatete
    It's a great work of poetry. I like.
    113 wk ago
  • Moses
    Great creativity, keep up
    113 wk ago
  • Faimet
    Am in love with this poem!!!! Who else is?
    113 wk ago
  • Ninah
    Great piece girl
    113 wk ago
  • Ced
    Nice en creative.Bigs up
    113 wk ago
  • Muhavi
    Creative indeed
    113 wk ago
  • Benie
    Amazing I felt it deep down Awesome piece 👏👏👏👍👍
    113 wk ago
  • Mwandah
    Thanks guys for your positive remarks... Am honored
    113 wk ago
  • Sir Paul
    Great piece but sad though..
    113 wk ago
  • James Menu
    So profound, i love how it elicits imagination
    113 wk ago
  • Holy Boy Ritchie
    This is awesome Darling. imagery well built. keep up dear
    111 wk ago

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