My Brainless Heart


My Brainless Heart

By Mwandah

Fri 09 Mar, 2018 15:46:34 EAT
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My Brainless Heart

The heart,
A tiny muscle that overworks
Does most of what it should not
What's funany,
It breaks and shatters in the process
It doesn't give up.

My heart
Has led me astray most of the time
Still... Works stronger than my brain
It made me believe in love
Made me subject myself wholly
Give in to passion
Sacrifice my reason
And took no caution,
When reality dawned...
My little muscle was crushed
Trampled, broken,
Shattered into a million pieces
Am working on the stitches and glue
Getting all pieces in place won't be easy
That I know.

However little heart
Listen to me
Experience is the best teacher
Though you never seem to learn,
I hope the pain you have felt this time
Is enough to keep you at bay
Relax, don't trouble trouble
Better stay alone inside and be safe
Than expose yourself; vulnerable for a break
Maybe next time you'll be unfixable.

By Mwandah
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