The Untamed Ink


By The Untamed Ink

Fri 13 Jul, 2018 12:09:55 EAT
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Since he discovered a mine,
He unblanketed his back
So the bed has become his foe;
They're like the ground -
And the sky atop.

Before the sun announces its presence
He's already in the pit;
Embayed by dank gloomful walls,
sweating his way to the bedrock

Enclosed inside the hand is the heart,
For when the skies micturate
The mine's walls cave in
And that marks the terminus of his breath,
so he wordlessly prays not for the leak

Many a times he's answered
So the sky spends the day blanched,
And there's a smile in his water-logged face
When the sun greets the western clouds;
His breath has been extended,
And and a gold enclosed in his hand!

But when she shows up,
She's the unused unscratched mirror,
Blinding in the after-lunch sun
So he sees her mind not,
But the soft pleasant misguiding smile.
Just a blink and his gold is gone!

By The Untamed Ink
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    awesome bro keep it up
    73 wk ago

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