Men,beat Your Wives.

Creative Hadassah

Men,beat Your Wives.

By Creative Hadassah

Sun 09 Apr, 2017 23:30:18 EAT
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Men,beat Your Wives.

I'll tell why every beard-shaving man,
Who has licked the knife the better way,
In a morning,cold merciless and bitter,
By the largest river in the village,
And endured the eyes of women and children,
Hungrily ploughing at his sympathetically shrunk manhood,
His pride,
I'll tell you why such a noble man,
Must beat his wife.

It beats logic hands down when a man of strained wealth,
Drives a dozen cows and sacks of maize,
To a woman's home in some God-forsaken village,
In the name of dowry,
It fails to add up when such a sick man in the head,
Caresses and stupidly cuddles his bought wife,
Like how he gently pats the only cow left in the shed,
A wife who undergoes barter trade with cattle,
Must be given a senseless resounding beating.

Crack the horse whip on your wife,
Try out the antics you watch in DJ A fro movies in the local cinema hall,
Perfect such skills on the one you paid for,
How else will your nosy neighbours tell?
How will they know you're a man if action?
If you don't give your wife a reason to scream out of the house?
After all,
Who will feed her for the rest of her life?
Beat her left right and centre.

One more thing,
I like how you're busy grinning with anticipation,
Entertaining the pleasures of beating a woman,
Okay go ahead but,
Ensure you fit in a baraza,
Where in-laws with red buffalo eyes sit,
Brace yourself for a similar thorough beating,
For one who humiliates the cheetah's cubs,
Evades not her anger.
So,before that just know,
It is imprudent to kill a jackal,
Whose meat you're allergic to.

By Creative Hadassah
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  • Muli
    Great piece with both edges. Enticing to read as well. Keep up!
    218 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    Thank you Muli.
    218 wk ago
  • Philip
    I like it.. Keep it up my dia
    218 wk ago
  • Prince Ulumah
    I almost got practicing the antics,BT I wouldn't want to keep the jackal meet allergies with Hadassah.dope
    218 wk ago
  • Judy
    Nice piece, bt is it the only way men can show there manhood?? Keep it up dear
    218 wk ago
  • Kevin Otieno
    Nice piece of art. poems rich far places where a rocket scientist can imagine of.
    218 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    Thank u friends,u give me a reason to keep goin
    218 wk ago
  • Moses Ondeng
    ahaaa wonderful piece... keep the fire burning dear friend!
    218 wk ago
  • Charity Nancy
    nice one....keep on going gal
    217 wk ago
  • Rita
    Honestly, just the title is enough to get anyone to read and live this poem. very creative of you :)
    216 wk ago
  • Meshkogo
    i love this piece. you are brilliant.
    208 wk ago

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