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By Rapando Jnr

Sat 16 Jun, 2018 09:31:39 EAT
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Maybe I'll have a daughter,
She'll be my princess
And in my heart her castle will stand,
Cups will clink in our little tea parties
And her angelic smile will define my happiness.

Maybe I'll have a son
And he will be my rock,
A reason to be a father
And show him the ways of his fathers before.
Maybe we'll play catch,
Maybe we'll get greasy in the garage,

Maybe I'll have a wife,
One of my choice,
The guardian of my heart
And pillar of my house.
Her soothing smile will lure me to sleep
And her love will steer us on.

Maybe I'll earn respect from far and near,
Maybe my name will be carried in high esteem,
My presence will elicit respect from young and old,
And my walk will paint legacy in people's hearts.

Maybe I'll be the greatest poet of all,
My ink will paint hope in the hopeless
And spell out love for the dumbstruck.
Maybe my rhymes will flow with the rhythm of the wind,

Maybe all these will remain maybes,
And memories of me will outlive my dreams.
Maybe I'll see tomorrow,
Maybe I won't.
Maybe my tomorrow will be a litter of glitter,
Maybe it'll be a swamp of regrets and wishes.
Maybe it will be,
Maybe it will remain a maybe...

By Rapando Jnr
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  • Kiptoo
    Maybe these wishes will come true, maybe they'll come with more a few, maybe God's heart has willed it in time due.
    35 wk ago
  • Tinnah
    this z a gud piece big up
    35 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    You are a great poet. Why, this is a masterpiece.
    1 wk ago

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