Mama's Ultimate Wish

The Untamed Ink

Mama's Ultimate Wish

By The Untamed Ink

Thu 09 Feb, 2017 14:23:17 EAT
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Mama's Ultimate Wish

Mama promised to be there always,
I believed her.
She looked into her eyes and said,
"I can see the world in those eyes"
She touched her cheek and muttered,
"You are sheen like a morning star"
She opened her edentulous mouth and smiled,
As though she apprehended mama's words.

Mama lifted her eyes and looked at me,
I heard her think,
"You are my hero,
I can see your father's strength in you"
She pointed her and assured me,
"This world is tough and so should you,
She should be down on your last drop of blood"
I could not grasp what mama meant.

Mama never talked less,
She neither uttered more.
Her meager stare always advised,
And her wimpy hands ever consoled,
Her voice echoed the light from the sun.
Mama's presence made me alive.
I looked at her one night and thought aloud,
"You are my hero too"

I never saw mama sad or angry,
But I did that frigid night.
She held my hand feebly and whispered,
"Take care of our little angel"
A drop of tear landed on my forehead,
Little did I know,
That it was a farewell and a blessing tear.
I felt a drop of blood fell from my heart.

I woke at dawn and found something out,
It sent a chilly wave of blood through my spine,
And concealed my entire body with fear,
No one was present as always,
Except the little angel that slept without strife,
She was slurping her forefinger obliviously.
I looked at her and recalled my mama's words.
A string of smile crossed through my lips.

Morning eventually seized the world,
And the sun peeped through the dusky clouds,
It was not the smiling sun I always knew.
A group accreted on the stead,
With grief written all over their faces,
I could not tell what a miss it was.
My eyes searched for mama everywhere but in vain,
I learned later,
That my mama had been blown away by the wind.

By The Untamed Ink
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    As i had said cant rate this it just evoked my feelings
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