Mama, I'm Sorry

Holy Boy Ritchie

Mama, I'm Sorry

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Wed 09 May, 2018 10:24:21 EAT
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Mama, I'm Sorry

The pain in my heart is hard to bear,
It has made me to stay in the rear,
For when I try to reminisce all the moments,
Nothing I see other than torturing you as a parent.
Mama, I'm sorry.

When Dad left us,
You hid your tears like you had cried in the rains,
All you wanted to see was my smile,
Didn't know you were to go and extra mile,
And take up my Father's role.
Mama, I'm sorry.

So many times I did let you down,
And made your face to frown,
I think I was blind by not seeing your anger,
But now I could see how you stayed stronger,
Mama, I'm sorry.

At some point I brought you into conflict with our neighbours,
By taking what was not ours,
I remember how I made you pay a huge fine,
But you pretended all was fine.
Mama, I'm sorry.

At times I made you cry,
But you encouraged me to try,
And be that boy you'd be proud of one day,
But then I never took your words serious in any way.
Mama, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for all the wrongs I did,
I'm sorry for the many times I let you down indeed,
I'm sorry for not giving you the happiness you deserved,
And I'm sorry for not trying hard as you always said.
Mama, I'm sorry.

By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Maobe
    “Mama, I'm sorry " so touching! Good work
    40 wk ago

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