Letter To Mama

Holy Boy Ritchie

Letter To Mama

By Holy Boy Ritchie

Fri 20 Apr, 2018 09:24:53 EAT
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Letter To Mama

Hello Mama...
Hope this finds you okay,
Things are not well here mama,
That's why I'm addressing you through pen and paper,
I want to inform you of the wellbeing of your sons,
Hope you won't be mad at me.

Do you remember how you struggled in your past?
Do you remember how you cried and the misery you went through bringing up your sons?
Do you remember how many times you went to bed with an empty stomach for your sons to be satisfied?
Now guess what....?
Your sons have destroyed your shining past,
Their present is like hell,
And they are busy ruining the future.

Your elder son who is a doctor,
Some days back put his tools down,
Saying no more work till his cry was heard,
Mama, I'm sure you don't know the pain we went through,
As we watched our beloved ones resting in peace on their deathbeds.
Mama, our Dad is so cruel,
He never listened to your son's demands,
Till an Angel of death passed every hut,
And there was wailing everywhere.

Don't think that's enough,
Your other son who is a professor in a higher learning institution,
Is on the street chanting "solidarity forever",
He claims Dad and his deputy have failed to give him an ear,
Mama, do you know what that means?
Our children and grandchildren are rotting in those higher learning institutions,
The dreams of those intelligent minds are being wasted,
No hope for the tomorrow that we're longing for,
We don't know when the two will come to conclusion.

Please give us a signal,
Of when all these things shall end,
We are exhausted and need a rest,
Our yoke has become too heavy for us.
Mama please do something,
Lest we all drown in the sea of tears.

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By Holy Boy Ritchie
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  • Bella
    This is an amazing piece based on the correct situation. The work of a poet. Keep on twinnie
    43 wk ago
  • Piesie NanaAbena
    Cool writing, I love the message it passes
    43 wk ago
  • Ombati Kevin
    nice one
    43 wk ago
  • Laureen Achie
    pretty work Richie.....keep it burning
    43 wk ago
  • Laureen Achie
    pretty work Richie.....keep it burning
    43 wk ago
  • Laureen Achie
    pretty work Richie.....keep it burning
    43 wk ago
  • Olive Wanjiku
    This awesome piece,may He bless the work of ur hands.
    43 wk ago
  • Wendycee
    Awesome!!!Keep it up Ritchie!We need more of this. Such a great talent.
    43 wk ago
  • Maobe
    So amazing
    43 wk ago
  • Alkaza
    I like how you unravel your thoughts bro.. Keep it up!!
    43 wk ago
  • Evergreen
    Very great piece, brother. May our Land be healed!
    43 wk ago
  • Mary Gitau
    Well done Ritchie
    42 wk ago

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