Known Stranger

The Untamed Ink

Known Stranger

By The Untamed Ink

Fri 10 Mar, 2017 16:12:02 EAT
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Known Stranger

The unsolved war rages deep in my head,
While you walk in my presence,
With your veiled countenance unapparent,
'Cause I can descry your vicinity,
As a dim and invisible shadow,
Drawing nearer in a tick tock tick.

My nous intrigues me,
To underseek your selfhood conscientiously.
Its why I take a stab to avow,
That you are a newbie in my race,
Yet I won't concede the piercing logic,
That you are not my acquaintance.

That shadow of your presence awakes me,
From a profound infinite slumber,
And free my ankles off the webs,
So that I keep the roll.
It sends me back to bed,
And scares away my weariness,
As I return my soul for check up,
During the twilight as predetermined by the deity.

My discombobulation builds,
Though outrivalled by the hiking optimism,
That I will one tick stumble on your selfhood,
To unveil your covered face,
And cast the rays in the invisible shadow in my head,
As you are such an indispensable stranger.


By The Untamed Ink
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  • Meshkogo
    i love your poems, i enjoy reading them.
    138 wk ago

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