In The Sight

The Untamed Ink

In The Sight

By The Untamed Ink

Tue 21 Feb, 2017 12:27:24 EAT
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In The Sight

I never believed in it,
Till I met you on the lode.
Love at first sight.

I looked fixedly at you twice,
To ensure that my eyes never lied,
Legitimately they didn't.

You outshined the rising sun,
Guileless blow-dry,
Straight and shiny hair,
A face beaming with vivacity and felicity,
Teeth brighter than an angel's robe.
An infectious volitional smile spread through the face.
I widened my eyes to be certain it wasn't a dream.

I didn't labor to know the name,
Because I knew the suspicion would be born,
And create a rift atween,
A rift that would demand a boat to cross,
So I let you depart.

What is meant to be will be,
I sought a solace with that when you went,
But drew an image on my head,
An image of your soft smile and stare.

I loaded my heart with bags of hope,
And forced it to sustain the onus,
That I would unriddle the pattern of your heart,
A thought of you would lit my disabled candle,
An enlighten my gloomy face at the sundown.

I recall how I spilled the beans,
I did it in a dern,
That never gave you a glimpse of my feelings.
You fall on the trap,
And let me in wishedly.

Little did I know,
That I had invaded the territory I didn't own,
But came to acquaint when I couldn't draw the pattern on your heart.
Until now,you are my lover-friend.


By The Untamed Ink
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  • Kechi
    woow ilove this piece especially the love friend yet the persona loved her at first.bravo
    156 wk ago
  • Chris
    Thanks Kechi, and remember its my real experience
    156 wk ago

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