How Do I Say Goodbye?


How Do I Say Goodbye?

By Nyque

Mon 31 Jul, 2017 20:58:10 EAT
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How Do I Say Goodbye?

How do I say goodbye
When her memories
weigh so heavy on my hands
I can't wave

When her deep blue eyes
That joins my horizon with
the oceanic floor I tiled for her
strips nude my soul
dissuading that I can't live in sole

How do I say goodbye
When it rains daily in my dream
Her blood now in me flowing deep like a stream
How do I say it precisely
Without breaking my heart, hers not to scream

Tell me please
How do I say goodbye
When I still see the world from her patsy eyes
melting off my heart that solidified to ice
Dripping a caustic melt that burns to ashes the heartstrings
Blurring the glistening facade
our love once mustered

Into my heart you solemnly tiptoed
Walked deep through it, in it, on it, with cat's feet
Covering miles and flying on a heart ache feet
Perching facetiously on a niche you saw fit
Dawning on me that the stray signals I detected
Tasted of love

I tasted love
with my budding taste buds
and now like a caged bird
my wings rattle, startle, and in subtle sing, a silent serenade to the hopeless romantic therein
How do I leave?
How do I live?
Without her if I say goodbye

By Nyque
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  • Allan Kiptoo
    I admire your work bro, and each time I read your poems I strive toward making mine great,
    80 wk ago
  • Eunny
    This is great. I like the deep expression of love and never wanting to let go.
    80 wk ago
  • Prince A. Mcnally
    A wonderfully expressed longing for a lost love
    80 wk ago

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