Home Of Bones

The Heir

Home Of Bones

By The Heir

Mon 20 Nov, 2017 11:50:53 EAT
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Home Of Bones

Far right stands a hut about to kiss the earth
Vegetation,flourishing on the now aged roof
Far left, kneels a frowning unfinished house, not by goof
The unattended to fence, a standard epitome of the hearth
From the gate, to the large *Ober tree on the right
Round the home, and back through the left
Countable, the white scary beautiful mounts
Conspicuously, uniquely, all over the home, dots
''Coughed, lost weight, lost appetite, then a watery stool finalized''
Sampling the obituaries, I noticed
He left two years before she, who also with thee
She went two years before the elder son, Ooh! I see
The wife, sister-in-law, followed before their only angel
Succumbed to the dragon and obeyed the devil

A decade was the span, if I recollect
Though, I never doubt the organ in my skull, it's perfect
Five unexpected sombre masses, in our home
From the west, it's believed, it came
If you know me and I had known somebody
Who knew somebody whose entire body
The dragon dominated
Ooh! Humble soul, you are terminated

No mother, no daddy
No brother, no buddy
No shelter, no food
No helper, just creed
Creed to soften the hurting heart
Hurting heart with only a dilapidated hut
Melancholic tears freely running
Down for non is caring

By The Heir
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