Heroes And Widows

The Untamed Ink

Heroes And Widows

By The Untamed Ink

Mon 20 Mar, 2017 19:06:05 EAT
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Heroes And Widows

At light they scorch,
As they dwell in the sun,
With forests plantless and lands soilless,
To them peace is a stranger,
That has turned his back away from them,
Not because they picked,
It's of need to be,
To keep me and you awake.

Flaccid is the way they walk,
To conceal their vicinity on the planet,
Their sweer boots crush the rocks,
As they walk around with apparels of bullets,
Heavily ladened on the waist,
With them lies the breath.

At night they sleep with eyes agape,
As they hold their hearts in hands,
With trust placed in the being above,
To beshield them through the chill and detriment,
That may await them in a blink.

In a tick tock tick,
A clock ticks and stops,
As a bang engulfs the ears,
Smoke and dust feel the sky,
As shrill cries escape through the smoke.
The unanticipated has knocked on them.

We see the recounts and melt,
As we taste the fall of corner stones.
Behind we remain in a cloudy path,
With still along way to go,
One loud cry and all is gone,
As heroes and widows are born.


By The Untamed Ink
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  • Abula
    Good one
    152 wk ago
  • Chris
    thanks bruh
    152 wk ago
  • Eric
    Good work bruh
    152 wk ago
  • Chris
    thanks eric
    152 wk ago
  • Brian Akunga
    What a nice piece!!!! Keep up bruh
    152 wk ago
  • Kibet
    Good one bro..nice.
    152 wk ago
  • Peter
    nice one Chris
    152 wk ago
  • Peter
    nice one Chris
    152 wk ago
  • Cynthy
    Good one I love how you brought it all out
    152 wk ago
  • Chris
    thanks guys
    151 wk ago

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