Hello Ego


Hello Ego

By Nyque

Sat 23 Sep, 2017 12:28:13 EAT
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Hello Ego

Teach me

the words of sorry and please

for my soul lies ill at ease

outwardly distant,my milieu so dim

Hello Ego

how do I stoop so low

when my backbone you chivalrously stow

be led on blindly like a well crafted cart

yet you molded me gallop that of a spirited horse

The darkness

that always make twinkle the stars


to these sullen sounds of solitude

and nudge forward right towards the periphery

Break your ties

and let me dine with the destitute

Strike the bold lines

between you and the rebel in line

just to fit in my hump

right through the minute doors like the eye of a needle

By Nyque
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