Fate Is Absurd.

Creative Hadassah

Fate Is Absurd.

By Creative Hadassah

Thu 16 Feb, 2017 15:56:00 EAT
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Fate Is Absurd.

They say,
Blood is thicker,
When it streams your veins,
You are,by forces of nature,
Bound to seek like-mindedness.
Hellena fathomed not this sentiment,
Until when it came knocking.

Took on the road,
To hunt a mother long gone
Sheltered in caves,
At the mercies of Mother Nature.
Weary feet brushed dark alleys,
Stunk like a shrewd skunk.
A fortnight later,
Knocked at the rightful door and asked for water.

"Welcome my daughter,
You have brought me laughter",
Beautiful Hellena smiled,
Oblivious to the pending misfortunes
That seldom singly do they come.
Her mother's pre-sweet pie,
Two doors on the left,
Caught her eye.

The young man,
With a David of a body,
And a Solomon of a tongue,
Swept her off her feet...
In love,they fell.
Her mother wallowed in pain and rejection.
Pain overriding motherly love,
She warned not,
Her dear child,what a trash the young man was.

Talk of bones and skin,
A whizzing windpipe awaiting a wizard wand,
For awakening.
What devoured the mother,
Spared not the child.
The pestilence won its meat.

By Creative Hadassah
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    i l;ove the piece how the persona gets into love without seeing the man she is getting inlove with who her mum calls atrash and knows he is infected coz its hert mothers ex
    226 wk ago
  • Vero
    Why was the mother in pain.. Love is a good thing.
    226 wk ago
  • Rapando Jnr
    Body of David and tongue of Solomon - how do I call this? Genius \o/
    226 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    @Nkechi,thanks my friend. @Vero read stanza 3 and 4. @Rapando,thanks.
    226 wk ago
  • Oscar
    nice piece...
    226 wk ago
  • Joan
    good job dear.
    225 wk ago
  • Okeyo
    225 wk ago
  • Elvis
    Great dear. Keep up
    225 wk ago
  • Hadassah
    Thank you.
    225 wk ago

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