Drunk In Love?


Drunk In Love?

By Nyque

Sat 01 Jul, 2017 13:00:34 EAT
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Drunk In Love?

Just a tort
My lips to dreadfully distort
A sip of this coloured substance
That makes me chant to sleep
Swear this time I'm on an illicit brew

See my throat burns
As each gulp in it runs
My conscience freaks
Upon letting out the bitter shrieks
Remind me the taste of wine
Coz this time I'm on an illicit brew

So here I stagger
And the voices in my stupor
overwhelmed by the shit running inside
A kinda brew that curdled my blood
My heart's screeching is deafening
Is this the taste of love
Then I'm on an illicit brew

By Nyque
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  • Allan Kiptoo
    You are drunk in love.
    85 wk ago
  • Ezra
    Awesome piece bro
    85 wk ago

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