Distant Lover


Distant Lover

By Cynthy

Sun 27 May, 2018 23:03:00 EAT
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Distant Lover

I was falling in love,
But I told myself it wasn't possible,
Every time you called,
Every time we talked,
Every single day you were unguarded,
When you smiled at me,
When our souls were bare,
And we let the night bind us together.

I was falling in love,
Every time you lay in my bed,
The after math of our actions clearly seen,
When you touch my face,
I feel the blazing heat of your hands,
And at the moment I want to fall at your feet,
Kiss away all your pain and sorrow,
I want to stay up just talking forever,
Hazy lights,
I can't help when my eyelids shut.

I was falling in love,
Every time you bought me my favourite drink,
Every time you held my hand,
And when you told me all about your day,
I'd just want to kiss you just so you stop talking,
Every time you called me Princess,
I had to steady my heartbeat,
You had me and you didn't even know it.

I was falling in love,
I finally admitted it to myself,
That day you brought a beautiful girl,
She was just there looking at you,
The way I was only supposed to,
All I wanted to do was rip her hands off you,
But I smiled and excused myself,
I felt insignificant,
I knew I had no space in your world,
But it was too late I was already in love,
And you were the only thing in my world.

By Cynthy
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  • Anonymus
    You finally wrote. It's a wonderful piece and very real.
    38 wk ago
  • Jean
    Am in love siz you got it ❤❤
    38 wk ago
  • Anonymus
    The tales of a sidechic
    31 wk ago
  • Cynth
    Its actually the best friend
    27 wk ago
  • Sam
    Wow you did it
    12 wk ago

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