Darkness In Light

The Untamed Ink

Darkness In Light

By The Untamed Ink

Tue 28 Feb, 2017 07:29:53 EAT
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Darkness In Light

Standing solitary in the midst of the lake
Lacking a clue on the course to take
I was punched by a cold and chilling current
Upon the cognizance of the inexistence of a parent
My mind could not quit wondering
Why I had been left with a life of wandering
My eyes overflowed with tears
And my heart stocked all the fears
My entire body felt hollow
On the knowledge no one was there to follow
In my palm stood the cup of agony to swallow
She had left me too early to wallow
I was hit by a sturdy urge to scream
With some hope that it was only a dream
But then my hope was utterly wrong
When I witnessed her being lifted by the strong
Heading to the yonder
A land perceived to be of wonder
I knew she had reached her stage
But wondered why at that early age
The red earth stretched it's tongue
Ready to swallow her with a pang
I could not endure to see this
As my eyes struggled to see with ease
A thought crossed my mind to hide
But remembered my affirmation never to leave her side
In countless minutes
I could only hear mimics
I attempted to seek consolation
But only acquired isolation
Then I knew the world was very harsh
And could cauterize to ash


By The Untamed Ink
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  • Abula
    So emotional
    155 wk ago
  • Chris
    its reality mwalimu
    155 wk ago
  • Allan
    soo touchy
    155 wk ago
  • Chris
    That's it Allan. Reality at its best
    155 wk ago
  • Adala Simon
    Hey kaka tht is so emotional
    155 wk ago
  • Willis Ochieng
    I almost shed a tear...only to remember its just a poem.Be careful young man not to hurt the audience some of us are so emotional.
    155 wk ago

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