C'mon Beiby

Creative Hadassah

C'mon Beiby

By Creative Hadassah

Mon 10 Jul, 2017 20:04:21 EAT
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C'mon Beiby

I wanna be your lover boy
Be my lover girl beiby
I go take you to the moon
And the sun if you want
Baby I go take you on a ride
Let you see the wonders of the whole wide world
I go steal your rich pop's credit cards
And lay the world at your feet baby
We go spend every damn cent
Every dime we go invest in your beauty
It's ok to be ugly I know
But baby you're overdoing it.
Of course I love you sweet pumpkin
But you see honeycomb
When we finally decide to have babies
My love you'll agree with me
They'll have to look like human beings
Not resemble little monkeys Na?

By Creative Hadassah
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  • Elvis
    Iko sawa. Just like love song.Thumbs up
    219 wk ago

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