Blind Fight

The Untamed Ink

Blind Fight

By The Untamed Ink

Fri 24 Feb, 2017 16:04:34 EAT
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Blind Fight

I see the ignorance seize,
And slay our sights in bloodlessness,
Blinding us not to see the harm,
And the hostility we feed.
It validates the invitation to mortality.

We meet on the field and enfold,
Enough to end in yaps as hounds,
with anger smiling behind our backs,
As we clasp fists and grip teeth,
Ready to hand over striking baces.

I know the blindness mislights us,
As we end in medicament and interment,
And exhaust our life savings on bills,
While they know not of our presence.

We never know that,
We are free from safety,
But fight for those under political asylum,
As they chortle on their own,
While they take sips of brotherhood,
And later crouch and embrace.

My heart laments and bleeds,
Beseeching me to pump cognizance in our heads,
And scrap off the blindfold molded by ignorance,
To make us see beyond our noses,
Where the spring of our savage hails.


By The Untamed Ink
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  • Kibet cool bro.Big ups n my support is here.
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    thanks for that
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  • Kechi
    This is awesome areal reflection of what happens Thumbs up bro
    155 wk ago
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    Thanks bruh
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