Authored Passion


Authored Passion

By Cynthy

Sun 21 Jan, 2018 21:45:12 EAT
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Authored Passion

All I remember is seeing you with her,
You held her with so much passion,
You looked into her eyes like she was your forever,
Your bright smile an indication of happiness,
Where did our ever after go?
When did our ship start to sink?
Plummeting all the way to the end.

All I remember is you walking out on me,
You charmed your way into my heart,
I let you in because you showed me what love is,
You taught me how to live an optimistic life,
I trusted you,
You made me weak,
You made me drop my mask of emotions,
I was left bare but with a shoulder to lean on,
How could you leave when you made everything better.

Love is risky,
I guess the odds weren't in my favour,
What am I supposed to do with all these emotions?
Love is a rollercoaster ride I wish I never took,
You took me high and left me alone,
I had to start all over again,
This time on my own.

Even with the scorching sun,
I felt cold within,
I felt dead within,
Only I slept in bed not a coffin,
How twisted is it?
That I felt suffocated from myself,
How is it that I felt alone and so lost?
My pen and blank paper called on to me,
They screamed for me to hold them,
Spill ink and let it all out,
Is it bad that I wanted to feel,
To experience it all over again,
To reminisce every single moment.

I've decided to live on for the sake of happy memories,
For the sake of a beautiful unknown future,
For the insignificant moments I was happy,
Even if life never gave me hope,
I would live for a lifetime,
I would live on..
But not here...

By Cynthy
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  • Anonymus
    Cynty...I admire this talent u gat...i love it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
    108 wk ago
  • Hazard
    Cynty...I admire this talent u gat...i love it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
    108 wk ago
  • Brenda Jemeli
    Wow!Cynthia I love this.
    108 wk ago
  • Mercylinda
    Yeah.. Beautiful ideas.... Expounded
    108 wk ago
  • Josh
    My dear.. hii talent si mchezo.. Pongezi
    108 wk ago
  • Dante
    Nice piece cynthiaπŸ’―
    108 wk ago
  • Allan Kiptoo
    Beautiful piece
    107 wk ago
  • Jack
    Awesome poetry
    107 wk ago
  • Emax
    This is great.. keep it going girl...I love it 😘😘😘😘😘
    98 wk ago
  • Jemesunder
    Go go girl go!
    96 wk ago
  • Betty
    Amazing, keep up 😘
    96 wk ago
  • Smooq
    My shakespear😍
    90 wk ago

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