And I Didn't Do Anything


And I Didn't Do Anything

By ×סv

Fri 13 Jul, 2018 11:31:26 EAT
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And I Didn't Do Anything

I shuffled my feet on the rugged road,
The sun was down and the dust was too,
The birds of the sky flocked back to their abode,
The love birds were back in the arms of their boo.

I passed a beautiful lady and another,
Engrossed in deep conversation according to their chatter,
I thought I should stop and interest the other,
She smiled and I did not do anything.

In a dialogue, my stomach and I
Agreed to visit Sunrise this sunset,
At the next bend to turn would I,
The gravel is little there it is the best.

He was abusing her with all manner of verbal assault,
She was ashamed and her friends distraught,
I stood in silence, my path he was blocking,
He became louder and I didn't do anything.

I passed the crowd that towards me was coming,
Behind them was my neighbor smiling
At her boyfriend no doubt charming,
I could have said something before but I didn't do anything.

In solitude I ate my meal,
Tasty and delicious unlike it's bill,
In a bid to borrow money for a bite,
The kid back from school began his plight,
I stared into space as he droned on and I didn't do anything.

Now I am writing to say I didn't care,
Was I not but an innocent bystander.

my pen has bled listen to my heartwriting

By ×סv
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  • Eunny
    Need I say more? This is perfect.
    31 wk ago
  • Wesh
    Epic. Nice piece
    31 wk ago
  • Nyaga Leonard
    You didn't do anything 👌That was just your heart writing as your pen bled. Great piece Allan!😎
    31 wk ago

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