Against The Odds

The Untamed Ink

Against The Odds

By The Untamed Ink

Sun 13 Aug, 2017 16:28:24 EAT
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Against The Odds

Its once again the summer holidays
And I can feel the joy of its winds
Under the thatched roof I hear the rattles
And I believe its of the happy leaves
The cold sunsets have become the order of the days
But with her I feel the burning heat

Walking in the chill helps furnish the day
Because she enjoys watching the rising moon
Without stumbling we stare the blinking stars
And one by one we count the beauties of the sky
The sparkling fireflies lights the way
And the noisy crickets makes the tune of the day

She looks into my eyes deeply and smiles
While her fingers graze freely in my trimmed beards
I wish to close my eyes and see her better
But again I feel she may vanish if I do
My skin shivers amidst her tender touch
For the sensation runs all over my veins and bones
I force my eyes into closure and swallow the taste of the moment

She leans on me and taps my chest
But with her radiant stare searching the entire corners of my world
I feel lost in the custody of her soothing breathe
Wondering if its my eyes that feigns her beauty
But then she forces me to believe she's real
Because in the ultimate silence I hear her loudly
For the say goes that love is loud and clear
And that you don't have to be a merchant to hear the voice of love


By The Untamed Ink
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