By Cynthy

Sun 18 Mar, 2018 04:27:31 EAT
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It was the tender touch of his hands,
That had me craving for more,
It was the look in his eyes,
That had me crumbling down,
Utterly undone with my walls,
All for kind of love I wanted.

Our clothes discarded on the floor,
A cruel reminder of how much,
Our lust and need for one other,
Overlooked the trust and commitments,
The need to satisfy the flesh,
More than to feed the soul,
Unaware of the surroundings,
Pleasure and even breathing was all could be heard.
And lastly came the satisfaction.

Do our weakness yield us to our temptation?
Or do our need overcome strength and courage?
I live for the times we were carefree,
I dig for the time we had no strings attached,
I live for the moment you'll be free,
Chained for life I guess,
But you know I'm your guilty pleasure,
There's no weakness in that.

I can't help but lean closer,
Your warmth is calling,
But you push me away,
This heart is cold anyway,
No more hurt,
Just a learning curve,
But can I be your future?
If I can't your present?

Flawless skin,
Breast perched atop perfectly,
Banging body,
Pretty face,with a distracting smile,
Her lips;the only thing that has you hooked,
You became an addict,
High on her,
Just a little you thought,
Just enough to rid the craving,
But you always came back for more,
And now withdrawals come along,
How long are you going to hold on?
Knowing she's just a call away?
She's worse than nicotine or heroin,
She'll have you begging for her,
I assure you.

By Cynthy
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  • Kiptoo
    I love the piece, it's captivating and interesting
    5 wk ago
  • Hillary
    I like this..... Magnetic Cynthy
    5 wk ago
  • Robin
    Awesome piece
    5 wk ago
  • Jamal
    reminds me of my writing times... I think I should get back
    5 wk ago
  • Jeff
    Awesome piece....I love it
    5 wk ago
  • Winnie Waithera
    Awesome piece #Great mind@Cynthy
    5 wk ago
  • Morris
    Lovely piece of art
    5 wk ago
  • Kimeto
    I thought creative minds did disappear,but this,made me reconsider what I had settled on.Keep going.The world needs more of this.
    5 wk ago
  • Martin Momanyi
    This is so nice u have caught my feelings ..Congrats Cynthia ....your poetry prowess is a blessing ...
    5 wk ago
  • Martin Momanyi
    This is so nice u have caught my feelings ..Congrats Cynthia ....your poetry prowess is a blessing ...
    5 wk ago
  • Betty
    So perfect,i love it... Waiting for more
    5 wk ago
  • Melisah
    5 wk ago
  • Mwaura
    Wooooow what a piece of mind damn,,,,you so creative i love it
    5 wk ago
  • Ruth
    I love this
    4 wk ago

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